Official Press release: Remasterad| Remixed|Reimagined – .Solipsism Is Here!

Official Press release: Remasterad| Remixed|Reimagined – .Solipsism Is Here!


.Solipsism is here! The original release from 2014 is back, remastered and with a slightly changed track list.
Some tracks has been heavily Remixed by Damien as well.

Official Press release: Remasterad| Remixed|Reimagined - .Solipsism Is Here!

The album is also accompanied with a new video for the instrumental track ‘The Weather Report’ as seen below. See also the previous videos that came out in 2014 (note that the previous videos now sound different in this new release!).


Original Release 2014. Re-released 2015 on The Talking Fern Records

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Video Produced by Daniel Watson, Deft Fox Digital Ltd.
All Rights Reserved, 2015 © Dr. Shinto, The Talking Fern Records, Deft Fox Digital Ltd.

Dr. Shinto

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Damien Shinto (Dr. Shinto) is a psychiatrist, musician and film director from Greenland. He has released music, films and books in collaboration with artists, writers and actors like Raymond Watts (PIG), Motoko Ishii aka. Allison Chanic, Andreas Usenbenz, Sophie Rimheden, Nux Vomica and Nick Zedd.

In October 2011, the EP “Ice Block Therapy Sessions #1” was released as he signed to a new Label (Low Frequency Hypnosis Productions) and also announced that he would feature his own TV-Show “A Magical Evening With Dr. Shinto”.

In march 2015 Dr Shinto announces.[1] via his Blog that he is releasing a new compilation/remix album called “Popular Music From Greenland” featuring remixes along with old and some new material.

He also announced[1] that he is a new member of the group Samsæri as the drummer, the other members are from Canada and US. they will release a new album during 2015 (TBA) but released a first preview song/video on YouTube called “NYC Dreaming”.

In June 2015 he announced[2] that he signed to the Canadian Label The Talking Fern and will re release his back catalogue along with some new material.