“Your tumor gives me a headache”  
-Dr. Shinto

Welcome to enjoy the works of Dr. Shinto in Art, Visual and Audio Experiments. Follow Damien Shinto´s Live updates on his current projects around the world.

New Sound Experiments


  it is hard to explain what we are trying to recreate at the moment. As all sounds all ready have been heard and all sounds we make are only recreations of all ready existing sounds. Is it possible to create a never heard sound? Anyway. The sounds we are trying to recreate are very difficult to catch in the moment… Read more →

From Being Solo To Becoming A Band Member

  So, From Being Solo To Becoming A Band Member. Yes, You could say I have in a way joined a band. An assortment of people in the business of varying backgrounds and experiences. All together we have a vast well of skills and tricks up our sleeves to bring to the table. This project will me exciting to present to… Read more →

The Doctor Is In

  Having escaped from the trench of Facebook and Twitter this will further on be the only place that I will communicate with my fans and others. I don´t have time or interest in social media any more and will use my time solely on my projects. I am currently in Alaska working on a new collaboration project that I… Read more →